Monday, August 20, 2007

Ow Er

- It's official, being sick sucks. I had to forego 2 gigs and unfortunately had to put steezy out due to some miscommunication(I owe you Rob!). Plus I was in bed for 3 days.. WTF, I wouldn't wish this flu thats going around on my worst enemies it's THAT bad!

- check out the official trailer for J J Abrams new movie 01-18-08

- Keep a lookout in stores Sept 1st, for the new Dilated Peoples DVD "The Release Party". It follows the boys over 10yrs from their humble beginnings to sold out shows and finally leaving the shackles of the major label constrains. The DVD also features every Dilated filmclip in it's digital glory! No Dilated fan should miss this!

Dilated Peoples - The Release Party

- oh snap look what you can watch on google video and dl for yout ipod/psp! shit yeah!

101/World Industries/Blind: Trilogy

Big Brother - Shit

- more homegrown footy, compound in the house!

- in other news CD's are 25 yrs old! Is it me or is this the turning point of feeling old?

- WTF? I didn't even know this was a sport...

- Memph, you should've got that watch!

- Ayo It's giveaways time, I gots the new Keith Murray CD "Rapp-Murr-Phobia"(which is pretty good btw).

Just answer this question. "Keith Murray spent 33 months behind bars for commiting which offence?"

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