Thursday, August 16, 2007

Let's Do A Memphis??!!

Been away for a second @ UMA's Sydney, full rundown from the last cpl of days in a hot minute, I still got 3 days to catch up on these interweb shits.

- Scribe was rocking the illest tee " Lil Wayne 4 President" @ UMA after party (forgot the camera, but I think Memphis will come through with the pic), Sir-Vere was killing it on the decks and was refreshin to hear alot of dirty south in his set. I was thinking would this be a reflection of the sound on Scribe's new LP.

By the looks of his 2 new singles(me is thinking YES!):

"Fresh" is digital download only.

"My Shit" is the CD single.

Oh and before I forget, yes Australia's roots don't do this country's music any justice due to our "Tall Poppy Syndrome" when someone makes it & I know alot of yall hating on Scribe. But why is it when I play my Hustlin refix of "Not Many" you ALL loose it? Go figure??!!

I can't wait for the new LP "Rhyme Book" Out soon!

- Grab the new Element DVD "Elementality Vol. 2"

Nyjah's section kills it.. Here's a teaser...

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BigMemph said...

haha, do a me? ok...

il email you the pic of scribe with the tee, weez and you have the better flicks tho