Friday, August 3, 2007


Supposdely we have the best skatepark in cairns, shit is massive anyways, my mate has come down to melbourne to skate for a whole week (dude doesnt even go to said park due to political issues, pussy I say!) and crashing on our couch(my flatmate is so understanding)!

Looks like I may be skating this weekend, I'm in no mood to be limping around for a week, at least all will be good for UMA's though.. GO STYALZ!

2pac - I Got Money "Freesyle"
Big Ups to Memph for this one, deathrow have a cpl LP's of unreleased material.. still?!!

Someone needs to do a "Bubba Ho-Tep" with Tupac fending off mummies, that would be awesome. He'd get all "Juice" on em!

- I just had to thank Wil via Ttlab for the find, amazing. The time and effort put into this is like whoa!

- New Serato 1.7.3 Release Candidate. Meaning that if there aren't any more major bugs, this will most likely be the final release version.
Chop chop fucky!

- If anyone is looking for a certain hip hop 12" from 1995-2002, hit me up as I'll be selling up to 25 crates by December. Mint/NMC/GC++++++!

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