Thursday, September 27, 2007

Fuck Fuck Fuckity Fuck


What a crazy 24hrs that has gone past.

OK. The story goes a lil something like this...

My mother has been fighting cancer furiously for the last 7 yrs and unfortunately at 2pm yesterday(Wednesday) cancer won.

Its not like she didn't put up a good fight, as she was always in good spirits and maybe to her downfall, never let anyone let on too much how she was really feeling(pain wise). Always with a smile and telling everyone everythings ok.

This all started back in 2000 just after she got back from the Sydney olympics with a tumor in her right breast the size of a 50 cent coin(which originally started as a 10 cent size then the following day a 20 cent then 50 cent. I always found this very suspicious). After the inital shock and having some sort of hope of them actually getting it early, with enough radium/chemo, an operation to remove the cancerous tumor and to remove her right lymph node all looked good.

There were ups and downs, she had to travel initally to Brisbane, her body reacted badly to the chemo treatments so they opted for radium treatment, her lungs got burnt by it and she had to go on steriods to recover from it. While she was trying to getting better and not receiving chemo, it was actually giving the cancer(what was left) some breathing space. The damage done in this 7-8mth period of not receiving chemo was to be the worse(I only found about this 10 mins ago).

She was lethargic, the steriods had there own side effects, as mom had received a small amount of chemo her hair was falling out as well. Of all the things I remember, this troubled her most.

I still can't get over how tough and resilent she was about the whole thing and this troubled her most? Wow, so her wig collection built up and I reassured her that she didn't need them. Everything was going well, her lungs were healing, her tumor markers were down, but because of the removal of her right lymph node her right arm was susceptable to anything, a cut could bleed and bleed, a bruise would take a long while to fade and if a mosquito bit her if could infect her arm with anything and her arm could not fight back. Her body was also dealing with the huge amount of steriods that she had to take as well, there was major swelling everywhere and this also impacted on her arm. She had to wear a tight full arm length pressure bandage to stop the swelling of her arm, her hands and feet became itchy and painful. Which in turn made it hard for her to walk and to write/user her hands.

This carried on for a cpl of years, with a few hospital visits here and there, a lil scare every now and then and more chemo/radium. But she actually became more busier then I had known her to be. She arranged for the Cairns Chinese Association to enter the "Relay For Life". Which is a fundraiser to raise funds for Cancer treatment and prevention. I had this joined this every year, filling in spots in between working at the restaurant and djing in the wee hours. She also helped the Chinese Association with documenting and archiving, chinese historical artifacts found in the North QLD region. On top of all this she was also helping my grandfather who had also taking a turn for the worse with his ups and downs as well(I was his cab driver for good 8-10mths as well which made for pleasent early morning fun).

By early '04 she was looking really good, she had stopped the full blown chemo(oral only), the tumour markers were down, she had some hair and she didn't have much pain(that i know of) at all. Early 05 things changed. The cancer had sparked up again and this time it was in her bones(her spine to be exact), it was slowly eaten her bones away and the broken peices of bone were floating in the spinal cord and causing her some serious pain. Her pain threshold went up and she took it on the chin, the problem with it being in her bones is they cannot treat it at all, only try to slow it down. Another hard period.

After a year of more treatment, her not slowing down with her everyday lifestyle and her great positive outlook on life things were lookign good again. During this time I also moved to Melbourne, given her full blessing of course.

06' rolls around and my parents go back to the motherland: China. She had enough strength to survive the 3 week journey without being too weak/tired, find the small provinces where both my parents families originated from and to climb the great wall. It's so amazing and gobsmacking that this took place. They almost didn't go as their flight was set to go the week after the big Cyclone hit the Nth Qld coast hard and about 20-30% of my fathers crop was destroyed. He was one of the lucky ones, if you were in the main Banana population of Innisfail/Tully, 100% of all crops were wiped out.

The journey must've taken a lil bit of a toll on her body as she was very lethargic when she got back. Somewhere during this time, she told myself and my sister that the cancer had spread to the brain lining in her head, so initially it could have spread to her brain. Another hard period indeed, but the funny thing is that she actually learnt this back in 2001 and hadn't even bothered to tell us(Dad knew). I'm not mad at all, it's just the way she was, not wanting to make people bother too much. Crazy, I know.

I travelled back home quite a few times in the last 12 mths(for holidays/djing e.t.c.), so it was great to see her everytime and hangout at every chance I could get. Everytime not letting me know how bad she was actually getting.

Around September this year she informed me that it had spread to her liver and as there was no where for this liquid to go, it started to swell up in her stomach region. It was causing her some discomfort bu pushing on certain internal organs. The doctors could not remove all of the fluid as it contained specific proteins that the body needed and if it was to be all removed, then these proteins would be taken from her bones, so essentially her body eating itself. She had lost alot of weight and her appetite had dimished rapidly as well.

This brings us to a week ago, she went in for the fluid to be removed, everything was going fine, we talked about me visiting at xmas time, she sounded great. I rang a cpl days later and she was still in hospital with a lil bit of pain coming from her liver and back. By Sunday I was informed(she was stil her perky self) that she would last only about 6 mths. Jaundas had set in as her Liver was shutting down, but everyone still remained positive as she was to go on some new medication that would help her. I was looking at getting a flight back within the next 2 weeks as i felt a cold coming on and by this time she had no immune system, so if i visited her with influenza, it would kill her.

I called on Monday to see how it was, still again she sounded good, she was walking around, eating her own meals(not much of, but she didn't need help) and i informed her of my flight arrangements. She sounded very happy at this and I also let her know that if she ever needed me to be there, to let me know and I would be there in a second(I had told her this before, I wanted to give her positive reinforcement that i would alwyas be there for her).

Monday night was a bad night for her, as her pain incresed ,she refused extra morphine(she liked sticking to her regimented routine, her next dose was set on tuesday morning) and by Tuesday she was in a bad way. The doc's administered alot of medication and she was very drowsy. I called and she didn't even remember me calling. But once again she thought she would get through this and this wasn't any cause for alarm.

Tuesday rolls round and at 11am I receive a call from the head nurse stating that "I don't know if Mum will last the next 24 hrs...". Who the fuck gets that type of call at work. I'm guessing that this happens a bit, but coming from Sunday which was a shock of "6-months" to 2 days later "24 hrs". How does one react to this? I can't even describe it.

So I book the first flight out of Melbourne back home (5:45pm via Sydney, which gets me in at 10:50pm), hightail it out of work and head home to pack and try to deal with this shit. Which is drinking Pimms straight(only alcoholic beverage in house) and playing guitar hero to keep my mind of things while waiting for this godforsaken late ass flight. I call Dad at about midday to let him know my flight details and he puts me onto Mum, who can't even speak at this stage, I tell her how much I love her and to pls hold on as long as she can as I will be there very soon. Dad let me know that he could see the recognition in her face and her will to try to reply to me.

2:35pm, I get the call from my father that no one wants to hear. "Mum passed away half an hour ago".

I can't write anymore.

My beautiful girlfriend Emma will be here soon and to all my friends and family who have/will support me through this tough time I want to thankyou, as if you were in my shoes I would want you to feel the same support.

I love you mum. You mean the world to me.

R.I.P - Teresa Mary Wah Day

T-Pain - Calm The Fuck Down

I don't know how , but for some reason the chorus kept me level headed this last 24hrs, the calm the fuck down bit.

Monday, September 24, 2007


Mitsu's new theme song.

Soulja Boy - Sidekick

This Shit Right Here...

Oh yeah!

Justice - One Minute To Midnight (Kyrptonite Refix)

Stop The Press!

A new, good quality (I can finally play out material, the old version was 96kps sounding) re-recorded version of "I Got Me Some Bathing Apes" has appeared!

Recorded for his Soulja Boy's new LP, check the Collipark shoutout.

Ric Flair steez!

I don't care that it's old and/or dated.

Next Favela it's "Crank Dat" into "Bathing Apes" for reals!

Soulja Boy - I Got Me Some Bathing Apes feat. Arab (New Version!)


Played 5 hrs on Friday night @ Black Cat, it got a lil boring so I went juggle/scratch crazy.

Missed out on the Geelong / Collingwood game. Boo.
I wonder how Memph is feeling? (Probably like I am about Cowboys losing to Manly. BOOO!)

Here is my playlist for "Hip Hop Renovations". The original playlist had over 250 tracks, been that I juggled alot and it actually counts each time you load a track up, oh and I played the MIA routine at the end again as well.

Cassidy feat. Drag-On - Back Down

Lil' Wayne - La La La

Lil' wayne - Beat it up

Friday, September 21, 2007

Ok Roll-motherfucking-Call!

This is one of THE tunes I want you to be singing at Favela Rock this sat, with me!

Get your learn on!

Swizz Beatz - Top Down

Can you say new york city? [3]
It's Showtime!!

If you not form new york well...

wherever you are shine
who ever you are shine
wherever you are shine
who ever you are shine
wherever you are shine
who ever you are shine

hey, hey i told ya...

Ridin with my top down, wit my jewelry on hey i'm just getin my hood on
i'm just, i'm just doin my thing i'm just, i'm just do doin my thing heey (yep)
hey (yep)
heey (yep)
hey i said i'm ridin with my top down wit my jewelry on i'm just getin my hood on

[Verse 1:]
i'm in the hood bouncin sprain like a fountain money like a mountain tell me why ya doubtin? i know why ya doubtin cuz we getin paper ey tell em again swizzy (we getin our paper) i'm in the hood top down wit my jewelry on me (on me) wit security on me i got my goons on me i get em off me i shake them hateas off me (i said get em off me?) peoples is you with me my peoples is you with me if you got a problem that sucka come and get me!! yall know my name you see the candy paint it spell my name SWIZZY!!

Ridin with my top down, wit my jewelry on hey i'm just getin my hood on
i'm just, i'm just doin my thing i'm just, i'm just do doin my thing heey (yep)
hey (yep)
heey (yep)
hey i said i'm ridin with my top down wit my jewelry on hey i'm just getin my hood on

[Verse 2:]
it's like bum bum bum bum bum you know the black is bumbin feenz on the corner man you know the black is bumbin speakers in yo trunk shit thumpin they playin my song people is jumpin now we got a little block party yall it aint nuthin but henny and bacardi yall sittin on the stoop on the milk crate how you livin life suppose to say grate, grater yall came form nothin inta somethin why these niggas hatin why these nigga fruntin we just riddin with our tops down since i wrote this somebody got shot know?

Ridin with my top down, wit my jewelry on hey i'm just getin my hood on
i'm just, i'm just doin my thing i'm just, i'm just do doin my thing heey (yep)
hey (yep)
heey (yep)
hey i said i'm ridin with my top down wit my jewelry on hey i'm just getin my hood on

[Verse 3:]
This chick said swiss i wanna ride in ya viper i said hell naw don't you know that's a spiker? number 2 there are only 20 in the world you sit in my seat it will change the world i'm fresh to death like a million bucks threw on my luis hat put on my chucks step out the viper she said oh no i said be easy chick you know i gotta go

Ridin with my top down, wit my jewelry on hey i'm just getin my hood on
i'm just, i'm just doin my thing i'm just, i'm just do doin my thing heey (yep)
hey (yep)
heey (yep)
hey i said i'm ridin with my top down wit my jewelry on hey i'm just getin my hood on

shine wherever you are
shine who ever you are
shine wherever you are
shine who ever you are
shine wherever you are
shine who ever you are
shine hey hey hey shine

Come one, Come All

Oh man this weekend is going to be hectic.

I'm pulling the big shift @ Black Cat with "Hip Hop Renovations" tonight.

Saturday is Parklife, while i'm not attending, the aftermath I will be apart of.

It's going to be off the chain.


Jay-Z & Pharell - Blue Magic

OJ is awesome!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

DJ Mitsu

Looks like the big man will get his wish, with the Numark Numark iDJ2 just been released in Australasia.

I couldn't be arsed typing out how it works. Here's the cut-n-paste version off the Numark site.

The Numark iDJ2 is the only iPod mixing console that provides full control of your music with real-time scratching (via two jog wheels), a stunning color screen and Numark's exclusive crate management. Keylock insures that DJs can easily change tempo without affecting pitch. The iDJ2 features a fresh and innovative new iPod docking system that allows users to play and mix two songs simultaneously from a single iPod without the need of a computer. Users can also hook up multiple mass storage devices including additional iPods, thumb drives, and external USB hard drives through rear panel USB ports. In addition to USB connectivity, the iDJ2 comes complete with line inputs for audio sources including a microphone, CD players and turntables.

Someone needs to get one of these so I can give it a whirl. "Scratching" is such a dubious term in relation to these "new" DJ products.

Doesn't give the "iPod" DJ's(sic) any excuse now does it.

If I have to hear "Dead Air" in a club again, I'm going to go postal.

For some reason it is quite the occurance down here.


50 Cent - Ayo Technology (Instrumental) Produced by. Timbaland

Road Runner

One of my favourtie shoes gets a re-release(finally, last time was 2004) without
Nike messing it up and the colorways are sweet!

Duran Duran - Nite Runner feat. JT & Timbo

If your sleeping...

..on the best television Australia has to offer, start catching up.

Chris Lilley is a Genius.

Summer Heights High

Last nights episode was epic and Chaser's was actually funny for once.

JT - Summer Love


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

...Fields Forever

It's been 3 yrs since we've seen anything from Sydney duo PNAU.

The last time I heard real big news was back in 2000 when they won the aria for best dance lp, then the following week their LP was pulled from shelves for samples that weren't cleared.

Looks like they are on a new label (ETC ETC) and a new LP is on the way at the end of October.

By the looks of the actual cover(yes that is blotting paper) of this single i'm taking a wild guess that they are aiming at a (tripped out sic)peak time dancefloor mayhem. all 3 tracks on this Promo are going to get solid play from me..

The first single off this promo is "Wild Strawberries" and is co-produced by "Feadz" of Ed Banger fame. Self explanatory really. haha

1. Wild Strawberries
2. No More Violence (Peak Time Monster)
3. We Have Tomorrow (a lighter affair, but still gets em moving! something to drop @ 3rd class/hipster crowd)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ya Dig!

Lil Wayne is a big favourite round these parts, I can't see how peeps be hating on him. Hating on Cash Money/Lil Wayne is like so 7 yrs ago now!

Some new Wayne.

DJ Khaled ft. Lil Wayne, Baby, Rick Ross, Dre, Young Jeezy - Blow Your Hood Up
Wow this is massive! This is the only "decent" version, damn dj's screaming/samples over wayne's verse.

Lil Wayne - Blowin Money
Another new joint, but no idea where it's from (mixtape/lp)?

Brisco - I'm In The Hood ft. Lil Wayne
I tried looking for this the other day on my laptop and all I found was the acapella and the instrumental?? Very weird as this song has been around since July.

Some more new stuff:

Brisco ft T-Pain - Come Get Us
Co-sign anything T-Pain at the moment. Tallehasse stand up!

Peedi Crack ft Cassidy & Q-Tip- My Hood is Greezy
One word: Swizzy!

Robyn - Cobrastyle (Muscles Remix)
Hans so you don't feel left out, here's the new Robyn joint remixed by that Sydney guy. Remember, you HAVE to drop "Crank Dat".. ya heard! haha

Monday, September 17, 2007

Mario Paint In The Club

thanks to Sneak via SF

More Memories

Shorty's x Rosa x Big Brother Ads

LDNem read Big Brother as a wee nipper.

Wow, ying to my yang indeed.

High Like Planes

Ok, so if you DJ you just know that certain tracks flow with one another and it sort've becomes routine (Like My Snoop Doog - "Intro" drop into "Ain't no fun", always a crowd pleaser). My current routine has something to do with the "Clash" sampled track that Diplo produced for the new M.I.A. LP called "Paper Planes".

This is so my jam right now and a staple in all of my sets.

M.I.A - Paper Planes (Live On KCRW)

Here is how I play it, for my personal satisfaction only, nothing else.

- Paper Planes Instrumental (play entire track)
- Clash - Straight To Hell (fade in with 2 x 16 bar loop)
- Paper Planes Original (scratched in, extra gun shots, alternating on chorus x 2 M.I.A. verse)
- Paper Planes Remix feat. Bun B & Rich Boy (mixed in on chorus before Bun B's Verse, repeat with gunshots on chorus w/ additional intro scratch in, until Rich Boy's verse then mix out)

If your lucky enough to hear it, it's magical. That's right, Harry Potter steez. haha

Play the Game Here.

Coporate America dumbing down her performance. Boo.

OK, Catch up time.

I've been chilling with my monkey in Training, no net, no youtube. Boring.
Anyways here's some tunes from last week that I'm feeling.

- Huge Anthem off my new Dattebayo, incorectly labeled as 334 Mobb instead of "Big Ken".

Big Ken - Supa Fly Feat. Rich Boy

- I love it how in the states peeps make songs strictly for the strip clubs. How manny aussies artists would wake up and say "hhmm need a new strip club joint, i'ma go make it". This is a niche I would like to see peeps get up in (sic).

Trick Trick - Hip Roll

- This is for Hans aka I Play For The Ladies

THER.I.P.Y. - French Tips

- Oh and Hans FYI this causes more damage then "Get Busy" at the moment aka White Girl Crack(had 4 requests at Lucky Coq last night).

Sean Kingston - Beautiful Girl
BPM= 65 or 130 whichever way you look at it.

- A month ago I wouldn't even play it out. Now i'm feeling it so much I make sure I play it in EVERY set ATM. If i'm playing a different genre, I make a refix to make sure I can play it out. THE track of the moment just got better.

Soulja Boi-Crank Dat(travis Barker remix)

- Oh Snap the follow-up!

Soulja Boy - Soulja Girl

- Another one on constant rotation at the moment.

Shawty Lo of D4L - They Know

- Before Rick Ross was on Def Jam, he was on Suave House

Rick Ross - Rise To Power LP

Friday, September 14, 2007

Training Sucks

I've been doing it ALL week and blah, all my productive interweb time has diminished, leaving me no time to do this crap.

Here's something to entertain yourself for 2mins.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Dattebayo 17!

Wow, so I was suppose to release this 2hr mix into 3 parts.

After careful deliberation, the 2nd & 3rd parts only worked well as a whole.

So here are dattebayo's 17/18 combined into one(I'm still to do an offical 18).

Basically all my favourite tunes at the moment and some of the heavier rotation in my sets, most notably the "uptempo" section which correlated with Bounce last week.

PS. I'm currently 3 dattebayo's behind the actual music I have to record the mix. Oh man. It never ends.

CWD - Dattebayo 17 (11/9/07), 1 hr 14min 33sec, 69 meg

1. Young Jeezy - Halloween Massacre
2. Yung Joc - Play Ya Cards
3. Kinfolk Kia Shine - W.O.W.
4. Wiz Khalifa - Youngin On His Grind
5. Three 6 Mafia - I Like Money
6. DJ Smallz & Florida Rappers - Welcome To Gunshine State
7. Triple C's, Rick Ross & Brisco - Pill Poppin
8. Three 6 Mafia feat. Lil Jon & Project Pat - Ready For Whatever
9. Trillville feat. Bohagon - Trill Niggas
10. Nitti - Papah Boy
11. UGK feat. Three 6 Mafia - International Players Anthem
12. 334 Mobb & Rich Boy - Supafly
13. 2Pac - Pain Remix
14. R.Kelly - Real Talk (Darkroom Prod Remix)
15. Kafani - Fast (DJ Amplive's Club Mix)
16. Kanye West - Stronger (A-Trak Remix)
17. Hurricane Chris - A Bay Bay (Tamiel Remix)
18. Tittsworth - Brains
19. Tamiel - Suck My Balls
20. Tamiel - Uncle Fucker
21. Scottie B - Niggaz Fightin
22. King Amir - Samirs Theme (Madskillz Remix)
23. M.I.A. - Bamboo Banger
24. Diplo - Must Be A Devil
25. M.I.A. - Boyz (Twelves Remix)
26. Justice - D.A.N.C.E. (Live Version)
27. Riot In Belgium - La Musique (Ooh-EE & Loot Remix)
28. Daft Punk - Around The World (Live Version)
29. Operator Please - Just A Song About Ping Pong (Kissy Sell Out Remix)
30. Felix Mangor - Pets & Cars (Hostage Remix)
31. Calvin Harris - Merrymaking At My Place (Deadmaus Dub)
32. DJ Mike B - A Deeper Cream
33. Soulja Boy - Crank Dat (Cousin Cole Remix)
34. Kingspade - Who Run This?
35. David Banner feat. Lil Wayne- 9mm
36. David Banner feat. Yola - Get Money
37. Kano - London Town
38. Turf Talk - Bring The Base Back
39. Freekey Zekey - Hater What You Lookin At?
40. Soulja Boy - Shootout
41. Khujo Goodie - Like Diss Remix
42. Kanye West - Homecoming
43. Kanye West - Hit Em High (A-Trak Remix)
44. The Clash - Straight To Hell
45. M.I.A. - Paper Planes + Remix feat. Bun B
46. Alaska In Winter - Balkan Lowrider Anthem

PPS. First time ever to include a 2pac song in one of my mixes. You heard that right... EVER! Thats for you Haysie/Seeka!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Lost Tracks

Went looking to play this the other night, all I could find was my "refix" of it.

I haven't ripped it off vinyl yet. haah

Did I mention that Kanye did the beat.

Here's my uptempo version.

CWD - ROFL B R Right

Stop The Car

One of the best comedic things Ja Rule has ever done.

Mason Camo and I were in stiches, another "put it on loop" for 15mins type deal.

He doesn't have a single scratch on him.


Ja Rule - New York


Here's a track I done did for bounce.

A lil something something.

It's too funny.

CWD - Crank Dat Trouble

I played "Crank Dat" Fri/Sat/Sun nights this weekend and the response gets better each time.

Tear The Club Up

Scottie B killed it on Sat night.

To see one of the bmore club pioneers play all my favourite jams that I don't normally get to play out.

The below clip is one of my alltime fav tracks. Just had to video it, to acknowlege that it realy happened. haha

So good.

Drunk photography.

Not so good.

Dirtyfresh was in the house too.


Shit was ill on Friday.

To see it from start to finish and free coopers.

Soulja Boy - Let Me Get Em (aka Shooter)

Thursday, September 6, 2007

LDN represent

LDNem's contribution to the "GAS" x DOZE GREEN exhibition in Sydney last night.

Printed Media(of pencil drawing) / Screenprint

Her keeping in theme with the fashion vs. violence fascination that everyone has.

Those are also her hands(looks like my short time as hand model is over) and if you save the pic, you can see on the nails there are bullets.

(she will correct me on the above as i like to make shit up, supposedely) :D

Seven Shadows 3

Some pics from the other night when I was djing.
Mitsu had the camera (when i was djing) and he was a bit drunk(?) so nearly all the shots when are unusable. haha.

cheers for the lift homie!