Friday, August 31, 2007

Win some shit!

- Make sure you head over to to peep the adventures of Super Producer Styalz Fuego on his European adventures!

Also make sure you click on the above banner to take you to and register for your chance to win some MIKE gear. Once you register it'll also let you download the "Truck Mixtape" mixed by me! Physical copies are available for free @ Provider, so get on it quick sticks.

What it is, indeed!

- Trapped In The Closet WHAT!

This DVD is going to be awesome!

- Cheeseburger & A Fucking Chicken Nuggets!

- READ the english subtitles. It's actually sung in Indian Telegu. Oh the hilarity.

- This is supposed to be the FINAL version with Kanye enlisting the help of Timbaland. I'm not sold.

Kanye West - Stronger (Timbaland Drum Re-fix)

- The full version (non-entourage version) of The Good Life. So nice.

Kanye West - The Good Life

Da Klamz Uv Deth

This was an awesome time in djing(1996-2000). Learning about that new scratch/juggle and practising for hours to perfect it. Even been asian was considered cool!

If you ever used a Gripmaster for scratching then you know what im talking about.

Did anyone ever buy those "scratch practice pads" from TTlab? Did they work? Ah the memories.

The kids coming through need to learn about this or at least attempt to learn how to scratch.

Peep the Invisbl Skratch Piklz(Q-bert, Mix Master Mike & Shortkut) doing their infamous "Klamz Uv Deth" routine.


More madness

Ya Boy - Aqua Man That Hoe

ABM Boys - Spongebob dat hoe

Playa C Da Great - Spider Man Dat Bitch

Crank Squad - Crank Dat Spiderman

P.O.B. - Crank Dat Batman

The only good one out of this bunch:

Soulja Boy ft. Lil Wayne & Young Kaos - Crank dat Souljah Boy (Superman) Dj Doc Rok Rmx)

Peep the spelling difference on the "Who Dat Ninga(Ninja)?" posters.

On the show in Tracy's changeroom it's spelt "Ninga" where as on the official NBC release it has "Ninja".


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Spare Photo Issue

Best (useful) backpack ever!

Here's my NES games 4 sale, make me an offer!

I bent alot of these in my time.

And done a cpl of these as well.

- Just a heads up for all you DJ's, Mitsu just came back from the States and his new "DeckPest" #1 is this song.

Hurricane - "A Bay Bay"

Three 6 Mafia ft Lil Jon and Project Pat - Ready For Whatever

- The next DJ Khaled smash! (Hans I want you playing this!)
DJ Khaled Feat. Trick Daddy, Rick Ross, Plies, T-Pain - Im So Hood

- Bonus!

Sneak Peek LP Samplers right hurr!

Kanye West - "Graduation"

50 Cent - "Curtis"

If anyone can find me the em pee free of Rupert Holmes "Pina Colada" you'll make me a happy boy!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

White Glove Madness

New Kanye ripped from the end credits of Entourage last night!

This LP is going to be soo good!

Kanye West - The Good Life feat. T-Pain

Plus: New Treezy Remix!

Kanye West - Stronger (A-Trak Remix)

- Event of the(next) week fo sho!

- Third Class Radio

You can catch Steezy (42:32) & myself (54:22) as featured on the Third Class radio show 3 Aug 2007.

Fast fwd or DL the whole ting.

Direct link/Playlist for the mix here.

Total Eclipse

Remember kids that this is on tonight.

Partial from 6:45pm.

Full blown from 7:45pm - 12:45am.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Need More Flash!!!

Check your favourite party pics are up, theres some more here too.

New Bounce flyer out as well!

70's Kids

70s Kids DVD torrent 467mb .mpg format

Get that shit.

- Russell Peters is a funny guy!


Teaser pt.2

Full version

- Steezy put me on to this.. AWESOME!

We def. need him at the next Fav Rock!

- Check out my partner in crime OOh-EE over @ ho-ho-ho-ho-holding it down!

Dudes bringing the heat with his new tunes!

- New NBHD x Preme (lifted from Oct Cool Trans)

- I'm not usually into tabloid stuff too much, but hearing about a botched suicide attempt by Owen Wilson is very surprising to say the least. Damn.


Ok I've been busy/sick/in a different state e.t.c, e.t.c, e.t.c.

That's some type of excuse why I haven't done a new dattebayo. Which usually translates to what I play at Favela Rock, but it seems none of y'all have heard this fucking club banger, because when I dropped it on Sat night it BOMBED!! :(

So fuck yall, new Dattebayo any day now and learn this track while your waiting.

On repeat for 3hrs should be enough!

Swizz Beatz - Top Down

Friday, August 24, 2007

Gunshow State

Check out DJ Smallz new single (reppin FLA) featuring 30 of the new and up & coming Florida Artists!



DJ Smallz - "The Gunshine State" Long Version

DJ Smallz - "The Gunshine State" DJ Radio Edit


The Dirty South is alot closer to home than you think.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

My Girl Is The Shit!

I don't give a damn what she says, she is damn talented and i'm not listening to her next time she tells me to be quiet about her amazing endeavours.

Like her shoes(yes 2, count em) that she did for sneakerpimps. The woodgrain on the top one she burnt in the leather and the bottom one is the "touch" blue and yellow joint.

This is the second time I've seen em online and I bet if I looked a lil harder I would see a bunch more pics too. I stumbled across these pics on after sneakerpimps visited Seattle.

Another big up is that Emma placed 2nd in the ISS(Sole Collector forums) end of year custom competition a cpl of months back and to put things in perspective, you first have to enter and win one of the monthly competitions, only then are you elgible to enter. So it wasnt like they were letting any ol tom,dick and harry in. Oh and Sekure D came first. So 2 Melbourne based shoe customisers took out the top 2 posistions. BLOAOW!

For more info check here:

Real Recognize Real

- LDNem is always trying to find artwork that I like/might like. The styles she know's I like, she is always finding me mind blowing stuff, like this stuff from Jason De Graf. Black Rob Styles!

- New Michel Gondry trailer out "Be Kind Rewind".

- Full "Graduation" review here. I cannot wait for the Timbaland drum refix of "Stronger".. OOHH YEAAHH!!

- New Etnies BMX Vid!

- This "Boom Chicka Wah Wah" business has spiralled out of control.

- This game rules and LDNem is better than me!

- Soulja Boy feat. JD & Short Dawg - Crank Dat So So Def Remix
The official remix. Well the first official remix anyways.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Fitzroy Court

This sign(under the stickers) once said "do not store goods in stairwell/balconies" in my old unit block. I was there for 5 yrs and never got a photo of it, until an unfortunate trip early this year.

I haven't lived there for nearly 2 and a half yrs and no one has even touched or added to it. Awesome!
So the stickers were added over a 5yr period, some of my most loved stickers got a home here, the conart ones and classic ttlab (biggie - kick in the door) ones still bring a tear to my eye haah. Peep the diplo lp stickers, I knew what was cracking up there!

Ok so I can now officially say that I "SURVIVED" the recent spate of "Killer Flu". WTF, small children and old people been taking by this thing & I saw that it claimed it 10th victim yesterday. Damn. I also heard Big Memph & Styalz copped it as well, not good!

Soulja Boy "Crank Dat Soulja Boy(Superman Dat Hoe)"
- I still can't believe how big this song is, I refused to play it at the last Favela, but the 10 million different refixes has me beggin to differ.

Cash Camp - "Crank Dat Yank!"
- same producers of "Crank Dat" setting to blow up. Yes there are a heap of other "Crank Dat's" coming out left, right and centre, but this one is from the originator's.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Ow Er

- It's official, being sick sucks. I had to forego 2 gigs and unfortunately had to put steezy out due to some miscommunication(I owe you Rob!). Plus I was in bed for 3 days.. WTF, I wouldn't wish this flu thats going around on my worst enemies it's THAT bad!

- check out the official trailer for J J Abrams new movie 01-18-08

- Keep a lookout in stores Sept 1st, for the new Dilated Peoples DVD "The Release Party". It follows the boys over 10yrs from their humble beginnings to sold out shows and finally leaving the shackles of the major label constrains. The DVD also features every Dilated filmclip in it's digital glory! No Dilated fan should miss this!

Dilated Peoples - The Release Party

- oh snap look what you can watch on google video and dl for yout ipod/psp! shit yeah!

101/World Industries/Blind: Trilogy

Big Brother - Shit

- more homegrown footy, compound in the house!

- in other news CD's are 25 yrs old! Is it me or is this the turning point of feeling old?

- WTF? I didn't even know this was a sport...

- Memph, you should've got that watch!

- Ayo It's giveaways time, I gots the new Keith Murray CD "Rapp-Murr-Phobia"(which is pretty good btw).

Just answer this question. "Keith Murray spent 33 months behind bars for commiting which offence?"

Sunday, August 19, 2007

CNS Part 2

Finished in 2001, new wide angle lens, faster editing & a flow deal with e's... check it.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Everybody Just Get Truck!

Physical copies of the Truck mixtape are out! Mixed by yours truly!

Get Yours while you can!

And make sure you buy/request this single!!!

Ken Hell - Truck (Sickcunt Remix) feat. Take It Easy Heezy, 360 & Pez

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Sydney UMA's

We travelled up to Sydney for a cpl of days to support Styalz Feugo as he was nominated for Producer of the year, seems that the whole thing was a rout and he didn't win, but Melbourne did get to represent with Justice & Kaos taking out best new talent. Peep out a cpl of pics I took.

Starts off on with a sunset on the 71st floor of the Meriton World Tower(which was the tallest residential building in the Southern Hemisphere until Eureka Tower came along!)


Makin' It Rain!

Zac Hayse Remix

Stylist to the Stars....Memphis


Thugg What?

Scoping a new location for promo pics

COnstantly on the grind


We takin over!


Island Brothers, well that's what everyone thought. Zac had soo many drinks
given too him, taking TIPPED to another level

After AIDS tennis

Intro to it all

The view

This one's for you Pete!

Justice & Kaos Security steps up to the plate

The reason we were all there for

Oh no, you've gone and done a "Memphis!!!"

Another one for Pete

Samantha Jade, originally from Perth, look out for her new LP on Jive
featuring production from Timbaland!!!

Melbourne represent

Security in full effect

Congrats homies!

I think this one is bigger

If you squint you can see Zac smiling

Kodak moment

Chilling out in the World Famous "Aeroplane Shoes"