Thursday, August 23, 2007

My Girl Is The Shit!

I don't give a damn what she says, she is damn talented and i'm not listening to her next time she tells me to be quiet about her amazing endeavours.

Like her shoes(yes 2, count em) that she did for sneakerpimps. The woodgrain on the top one she burnt in the leather and the bottom one is the "touch" blue and yellow joint.

This is the second time I've seen em online and I bet if I looked a lil harder I would see a bunch more pics too. I stumbled across these pics on after sneakerpimps visited Seattle.

Another big up is that Emma placed 2nd in the ISS(Sole Collector forums) end of year custom competition a cpl of months back and to put things in perspective, you first have to enter and win one of the monthly competitions, only then are you elgible to enter. So it wasnt like they were letting any ol tom,dick and harry in. Oh and Sekure D came first. So 2 Melbourne based shoe customisers took out the top 2 posistions. BLOAOW!

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