Thursday, August 2, 2007

New Crack

Fantasia ft. Young Jeezy – When I See You Remix
Def. digging the original too, get that ish if you can find it

50 Cent – Ayo Technology
What the hell, 50 is coming out with some tracks that are nodworthy and I ain’t falling asleep too fast. The track with the most attention at the moment “She Wants It”, was originally called “Ayo Pornography” but due to pressure from the record label(and I’m guessing the potential for it to blow up, Timbaland samples “Mega Man” for the beat and has JT on the hook) they had to re-record and change it to “Ayo Technology” aka “She Wants It”. This remix is bananas!

50 Cent – I Get Money (Catchdubs Top Billin Remix)
This is a bit “meh”, I couldn’t find the dopeness of the Cooking Soul Remix, the drums hit so HARD!

Voreheez feat B.o.B - All Night Everyday
Samples the KISS classic, I've been dropping this whenever I can, totally forgot to last Sat at Favela though, maybe it wasn't where I was taking it? But "God Gave Rock N Roll To You" blew the hell up! I was waiting for the lighters, but in my drunken state I think I got impatient and dropped "Party Like A Rockstar"??

Big Ken - Supafly
US Summer music is great, only thing it's still cold here, perfect sunday cruising around in that rental music.

T.I. Ft. Chamillionare Lil Wayne Rick Ross Fabolous Swizz Beatz-Big Shit Poppin Remix
Self explanatory really, Thanks OOH-EE for droppping this on sun morning!

In other news:
- Congrats all round to Styalz Feugo for the inclusion of his Sneaky Sound System - "UFO" remix for release in the UK!

- OOH-EE & Loot's remix of Riot in Belgium's "La Musique" is killing dancefloors in Melbourne atm, we killed those kids at BangGang last week!

- Lookout for the new tag-team DJ duo known as "Menace 2 Society", hitting 3rd class & other fine establishments very soon! ;)

- "Manchovies" will be poppin off @ 3rd Class later this month, the installations and TV's showing rather manly activities will be hilarious! I can't wait!

- Oh yeah, I may be releasing a ltd edition mix cd as a lil promo item, if im feeling generous enough.

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Good lookin out.

You check that Wale/Catchdubs mixtape. It's pretty nice.