Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Won this lot over the last couple of weeks, should've really entered the lottery hey.

Gucci Mane Ft. Kandi - Boss

I Feel Like I'm Taking Crazy Pills

Ian M - Crazy Pills

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Brad Strutter Motherfucker (said in Slim Thug voice)

So after Trill on Friday we were chilling outside Plan B and Skandal was outside selling his wares(His new Hunger Pains Mixtape mixed by the DJ who was on at the time inside the club, DJ MK). Prankster picked up a copy and I took a copy of the flyer, it wasn't until I got home that I noticed it featured Melbourne's own Brad Strut.

Man if I knew that at the time I would've copped it right then and there. I'm a fan of anything that Strutters does.

Back when we were both skinny.

Skandal feat. Brad Strut - Fuck A 9 to 5

Wow, just came across this, didn't realise he was in the UK.
The Barbican is so much more depressing irl, then it is in this video clip.

Vinyl After Hours Mondays #69

CWD - Vinyl After Hours (Week 69) 30/03/2001

1hr19min - 109MB


01. CWD - VAH Intro
02. Breakestra - Live Mix Part 1 & 2
03. D12 - I'll Shit On You
04. Alkaholiks & Xzibit - Primetime
05. Nas - Street Dreams
06. Bizarre - What, What
07. Souls of Mischief - Good Feeling
08. Talib Kweli - Jackin for Beats
09. CWD - Interlude
10. DJ CLue - What The Beat (feat. Method Man, Eminem & Royce DA 5'9
11. KRS One feat. Truck Turner - Bring it to the Cypher
12. Cormega & Mobb Deep - Killaz Theme
13. Royce Da 5'9" - Let's Grow
14. Smut Peddlers - Bottom Feeders
15. DJ Sushi - Invasion Of The Incredible Giant Crab Sandwich (With Fresh Grinds)
16. CWD - Scratch interlude
17. Organized Konfusion - Stress
18. Brand Nubian - The Return
19. Pumpkinhead - Dynamic (Remix)
19. Eminem - Quitter
20. Bad Meet Evils - Scary Movies

CWD - Vinyl After Hours (Week 69) 30/03/2001

Huntsville International

Head immediately to the Southern Hospitality blog and experience the amazingness that is Slow Motion Soundz & DJ Burn One Present: G-Side – ‘Huntsville International’ .

Davey Boy Smith says it best on his lil' write up over there.


BTW the Album is free for download, so get going!!!

Trill was alot

Thanks to all the heads making it down on Friday.

The ONLY place in London to hear nothing but the Dirty South!

Same time, same place next month?

Kinfolk Kia Shine - Episode

Rude Awakening

So back in 2002-2003 some mates put on a Drum & Bass/Jungle night called "Rude Awakening" where Zac Hayse would drop "Dread Bass" & Mason Camo would murder us with N20 dubplates. Ahh the good old days.

Anyways, I would have a little spin and this is my Intro that I would do live with the N20 breaks tools, Warhead and some acapella's.


CWD - D&B Live Set Intro 02-03

Monday, November 16, 2009

Vinyl After Hours Mondays #68

Couldn't find wee 67, so skipped ahead to week 68. As I lost the log with all the tracklisting's had to go off the top of the dome, but still can't figure out track 16. If anyone knows let me know.


CWD - Vinyl After Hours (Week 68) 23/03/2001

1hr11min - 98MB


01. CWD - VAH Intro
02. Xzibit - X (Instrumental + Main)
03. Capone-N-Noreaga - Invincible
04. East Flatbush Project feat. Rustee Juxx - Rustee Juxx
05. Smut Peddlers - Stank MC's
06. Checkmate & Concise - These Days and Times
07. Eminem, Xzibit, Pharoahe Monch & KRS-One - The Anthem (Bling Bling Blend)
08. Da Outsidaz - Freestyle
09. Eminem - Freestyle Stretch Armstrong Show
10. Eminem - Prank Calls
11. B.G. - I Know
12. Duck Down - Freestyle
13. Kool G Rap & DJ Polo - Truly Yours
14. Blackalicious - Swan Lake (Instrumental)
15. Smut Peddlers - One by One
16. ?? - ??
17. Kool G Rap - The Streets
18. CWD - Freestyle drumming
19. D12 - Bad News
20. CWD - Sloppy cuts
21. Arnie - Outro

CWD - Vinyl After Hours (Week 68) 2001

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Yo Mama Tonight!!

002-Informed London - Yo Mama - 14th November 2009 from Informedlondon on Vimeo.

If you didn't know about the night, now you do!

Bonus: Gucci's new single off his new LP "The State vs. Radric Davis" dropping December 8th, 2009.

Gucci Mane - My Own Worst Enemy (Produced by. Drumma Boy)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dattebayo 26 (Uptempo Jams) (12/11/09)

Was supposed to record this nearly over a month and a half ago, but was having technical difficulties.


CWD - Dattebayo 26 (Uptempo Jams) (12/11/09) - 51min 08sec, 42mb


01. CWD - Intro
02. DMX - Bout To Blow (Top Billin Remix)
03. Tino, Paul Wall & Felli Fel - Diamonds & Patron
04. Drake - Best I Ever Had (DJ Dru Remix)
05. Dr. Dre & Tupac Shakur - California Love (DJ Funkstar Remix)
06. Rod Lee - Freak
07. DJ Class - Dance Like A Freak
08. DJ Tamiel - K Swift Dedication
09. DJ Frosty - Ride That Wave
10. Tim Dolla - Hit 2 The Beat
11. Tim Dolla - Swing Dat Shyt Remix feat. DJ Frosty
12. Ludacris - Errbody Drunk (Jimmy 2 Times Club Remix)
13. Ghosttown DJ's - My Boo (Solly Remix)
14. KP & Envy - Swing My Way (DJ Jem Remix)
15. Jeremiah - Birthday Sex (DJ Jem Remix)
16. Big Moe - I'll Do It (Go Go Garcia Remix)
17. Tittsworth & Reed Rothchild - Benny Down In The Hood
18. DMX - Ruff Ryders Anthem (Top Gunner Bmore Remix)
19. Poirier feat. Fact T - Enemies
20. Major Lazer feat. Gucci Mane & OJ Da Juiceman - Pon Di Rave (Mighty Mi Refix)
21. Kazey & Bulldog - Snap Yo Balti
22. Michael Jackson - Rock With You (Dukeyman Remix)
23. Rod Lee - Who Sent Chew Nigga
24. Nacey - Money On The Dressa
25. Tomb Crew - Western Jam
26. Raziek - Die (Emynd Remix)
27. Dave Nada - Inner City Club
28. Mason Camo - Jamaican Ting
29. Mason Camo - Here I Come

CWD - Dattebayo 26 (Uptempo Jams) (12/11/09) - 51min 08sec, 42mb

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Farkin' Jack Chop

Happy Belated Halloween.

Lil Wayne feat. Fabolous, Juelz Santana & Justin Tuck – You Ain’t Got Nuthin' (Nike Sports Remix)

The Original Slap Chop

Let's Get It In!!!

I played at "The Rest Is Noise" a couple of weeks ago and it was a classic Singalong vibe, dropped "Monsta - Sorry" at the end and everyone near damn lost they minds.

UK crowds are the best.

Can't wait for this one.

Good vibes indeed!

B_re_aka_ge ft. New_ham Ge_nera_ls - _Hard_

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Yo Mama November Madness!

My favourite party in London is back for another mental round. I'm not spinning this month, but I will be there from the get-go!

Please ensure you get there early(11pm at lastest) to be guaranteed entry, due to stricter capacity controls by the venue.


The Game - Big Money

Crepe City Sneaker Swap Meet

Up to 1000(so much heat it’s ridiculous) pairs on offer on the day all DS (lot's of bargain's to be had as well) + Clothing(Supreme, GDEH, Nike e.t.c.) as well.

Sunday 29th November @ Notting Hill Arts Club 1pm- 7pm

£1 Entry – Bar Open all day.

Big Ups to Ron for organising this.

London has been in dire need of an event like this for awhile now.

Rick Ross - Baby By Me (Remix) G UNOT Diss

Monday, November 9, 2009

Vinyl After Hours Mondays #65

CWD - Vinyl After Hours (Week 65) 02/03/2001

101MB - 1hr 14min

01. CWD - Intro
02. Royce Da 5-9 - Let's Grow
03. Obscure Disorder - Lyrically Exposed
04. Brick City Kids - Brick City Kids
05. Capone N Noreaga - Illegal Life
06. CWD - Interlude
07. Whodini - Friends (DJ Skribble Version)
08. Common - 1'2 Many
09. Common - Like They Used To Say
10. D.I.T.C. - Way Of Life
11. Interlude
12. Edan - You Suck
13. Group Home - The Realness (Cash Money Juggle)
14. GZA - Fame (Instrumental)
15. RZA & GZA - Third World
16. KRS ONE - 5 Boroughs
17. Souls of Mischief - 93 til' Infinity
18. Necro ft. Ill Bill - How to Kill a Cop
19. Eminem - Quitter

CWD - Vinyl After Hours (Week 65) 2001

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Grail x Trip Down Memory Lane

So stoked on getting another pair of my first DC's(different colorway mind you, I had the Navy's first time round), Rudy Johnson's from 1995.

Ed hooked me up with these, when he was working at Skatebiz. See the distributors were in QLD so we got first dibs on colorways e.t.c. and knew exactly how many pairs of each dropped in the whole of Australia, so we would pick the freshest colorways/ones that were limited and knew that no one else would be rocking em. Tight.

I skated the shit out of them, then I got Rob Dyrdek 3's:

(it was a sad day when the heel crumbled) when they dropped and the Rudy's got pushed to extra cirricular activities. See below:

After trying these badboys 14yrs on, they sure don't feel as comfy as back then.

J.R. Blastoff - Dress Like A Million Bucks

Monday, November 2, 2009

Dead Prez this Friday!

Dead Prez - Washing Up Hell Yeah (CWD Blend)

Vinyl After Hours Mondays #63

So back in Cairns I had my own radio show "Vinyl After Hours" which was on every Friday night from 12 til 2. It was all volunteer steez and it ran from 1997 - 2003. Most of the mixes are on cassette and theres no way I'm going to have time digitsing em all.

But I do have Week's 63-97 on CD which I plan on sharing with y'all each week.

So without further ado:

CWD - Vinyl After Hours (Week 63) 16/02/2001

77.8MB - 56min 41sec

01. CWD - Intro
02. D12 - That's How
03. Smut Peddlers - Stank MC's
04. Checkmate - These Days & Times
05. Agallah - I Know Y'all
06. East Flatbush Project - Rustee Juxx
07. Hush & Royce 5-9 - Knuckle Up
08. Edan & Co - Rapperfection
09. Rakim - Microphone Fiend
10. Nasty Nas - It Ain't Hard To Tell
11. Common - Resurrection
12. Souls of Mischief - Never No More (76 Seville Mix)
13. Eve - Blow Your Mind
14. CWD - 01 Cuts
15. Cocoa Brovaz - Super Brooklyn
16. Apathy - The Smackdown
17. Dr Octagon & Q-Bert - Bear Witness
18. DJ Shadow - Hardcore Hip Hop (Instrumental)
19. Craig Mack - Flava In Ya Ear (Remix)

Allow the excess scratching haha

Hamster Switch Realness

So after about 6hrs play and unlocking all songs, this game just gets better.

Playing DJ Shadow's, Z-Trip's & The Scratch Perverts tracks/remixes I had the most fun as it's the realest your going to come "scratching" in a video game setting.

Tried The Scratch Perverts - "Beats & Peices" on Expert and nearly damn near got ate up by the thing. It's one of dreams come true, scratching & video games. Yeah sure I have a better chance doing the cuts IRL, but hey it's just fun.

Plus my scratch hand is my left/fader right, so I've switched it up using my right(scratch)/left(fader) for the game and it's actually made my real life cuts and fader control better. That's after 4-5 hours of playing. No more Gripmaster, just get DJ Hero!!!

Another fun track: Daft Punk vs Hashim - "Robot Rock vs. Al Naafyish (The Soul)"