Friday, August 10, 2007

I'm O-Dog!

- Ooh-eE(K-D) & I(O-Dog, we can alternate for the asian guy in the mini mart too!) are busting out our tag team set tonight @ Third Class. You've been warned!

- The reason I moved to melbourne!

- I'm off to Sydney with the Affinty Music Group peeps on Monday for the UMA's! Fingers crossed for the hardest working Australian producer getting his, STYLAZ FUEGO BABY!!!

- No new footage as it was too windy yesterday, but some more footage up by Monday(Country Road anyone??!!). I'm also going to UP ED's sponser me tapes that we did back between 98-01, I filmed and edited them. Looking back on them they were ok, but I made a remix version with a more uptempo track and I had the editing on strings.. then my hard drive crashed... boo indeed!

In the meantime You can DL ed's tricks here for your ipod e.t.c.:
Ed Thomas - Switchflip DL
Ed THomas - Tre Flip DL

- I busted this out at the last favela and can't get enough of it, if I could play a whole reggae/soca/carribean set I would... summer's just around the corner.. hooray!

Magic Juan - Sweat (Sudor)

- On the same vibe, so good...

Stephen Marley & Mos Def - Hey Baby

- I just heard 3 new tracks from Dr Dre, I don't know whether they are off the new LP or what? They aren't very futuristic.. hhmmm peep this to tide me over while I find out some info.

Snoop Dogg - Clap

- New Dipset, been sitting on it for a bit, haven't had a chance to make a new mix so here it is.

Freeky Zeaky - Hater What U Lookin At?

- I've been playing Kinfolk Kia's tracks since my very first Dattebayo! You know a track is good if it appears on more than one Dattebayo and looks like "Krispy" is going to make a third appearence on the next mix with the new remix featuring Swizz Beatz, Jim Jones, Slim Thugg, E-40, Young Buck, Remy Ma & LL Cool J(reminds me the 4,3,2,1 days with LL on there). Whoa!

Kinfolk Kia Shine - Krispy Remix feat. Everyone & their mom!

- This is sorta comedic, but I can't get away from the keyboard swipes...

Concrete Boyz ft. Rich Boy - They On Myspace

- This has been out for a while now, but now officially released for the mainstream pick up!

B.O.B. - Heavy Breather feat Bo Hagaon & Willie Joe

- Zac Hayse reminded me about this great tune, REEEEEE-UP!

Blast - Thunda Cat

- Anyone tell me where Mason Camo & Slim Cady are and what they are doing???

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