Monday, September 17, 2007

High Like Planes

Ok, so if you DJ you just know that certain tracks flow with one another and it sort've becomes routine (Like My Snoop Doog - "Intro" drop into "Ain't no fun", always a crowd pleaser). My current routine has something to do with the "Clash" sampled track that Diplo produced for the new M.I.A. LP called "Paper Planes".

This is so my jam right now and a staple in all of my sets.

M.I.A - Paper Planes (Live On KCRW)

Here is how I play it, for my personal satisfaction only, nothing else.

- Paper Planes Instrumental (play entire track)
- Clash - Straight To Hell (fade in with 2 x 16 bar loop)
- Paper Planes Original (scratched in, extra gun shots, alternating on chorus x 2 M.I.A. verse)
- Paper Planes Remix feat. Bun B & Rich Boy (mixed in on chorus before Bun B's Verse, repeat with gunshots on chorus w/ additional intro scratch in, until Rich Boy's verse then mix out)

If your lucky enough to hear it, it's magical. That's right, Harry Potter steez. haha

Play the Game Here.

Coporate America dumbing down her performance. Boo.


Darren said...

that clash track is awesome. the only clash song i've ever bothered to learn on guitar. there's even a half-finished cover of it that i recorded floating around on my computer somewhere.

Pete Le Creep said...

thats by far my fav song on the album