Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Hells Yeah!

- New Supreme A/W 07/08 range online!

- Lil jon made this beat for this dude

- Saw the Seven Shadows 3 DVD last night, shit was bananas.

Seeing this guy bust out in real life was even crazier.

Ended up using serato in the end as I had half and hr to get records sorted out, started going through my boxes upon boxes of vinyl and couldn't be arsed. Pics up tomorrow.

- Three Colours: Cornetto

- Mini Tower Defence (perfect for office worker bludging the day away!)
My high score before I died was 501 and level 17. B-Rad aka B-Watt got up to Score 1400, level: 36. Nerds!

- Please Explain?!!

- For The Love

I'm never a fan of things spelt "differently" than the english language approves. But i'm playing so it makes it all the much better.

100% hip hop, "Uptown anthem" will be played!

- New UK Cadbury Advert (pls explain)

- If your around the Global Gallery (5 Comber St, Paddington, Sydney) tonight you should check out "Project 07" feat Doze Green.

The lovely LDNem has done a cpl of prints for them. UNfortunately they won't be showing on the Melbourne leg of the journey. BOOO!

But don't worry i'll post some pics up of them.

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