Thursday, November 8, 2007

Plug It Up

This isn't a public service announcement.

But if your going out more than 2 times a week to a club and/or djing anywhere you should be using these bad boys.

I was fortunate enough to have the old man pester me into using them early on(i've been djing for 10 yrs now) so im pretty thankful I did listen to him, well he got industrial deafness working as boiler maker/heavy machinery e.t.c.

The ones pictured above take off -22 dec and I can still have a normal coversation without yelling.

Norton DeciDamp 2 White Barrel Earplug
-AS/NZS 1270 2002 Class 4 - SLC80 22dB •Original barrel shape - high density PVC foam construction •Comfortable , secure fit in ear canal •Non irritating - non toxic Poly bag packaging - 200pr/box

If your ever out and need one, holla at me, ive got a bag full of em, your ears will be thankful for it.

De La Soul – Plug Tunin’

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