Sunday, November 25, 2007

For DJ Cluso...

... who is technology retarded!

Q-bert's Scratchlopedia Breaktannica

Wow, 100 scratches revealed and brokendown for all to see.

Imagine this shit in 1998.

Get it

Vestax Controller One Turntable

Another new TurnTable.. The "FO-Q"!!!

One of my favourite scratch freestyle/jam CD's, these guys take it to town, I still cannot keep up with the combos..(7 Yrs Old Now).

D-Styles & Flare - Pharoahs Of Funk

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CLUSO said...

Damn, U had to rub it in... just cos I'm not a TECHNO(logical) DJ like everyone else these days. This is sadly what happens when ur born into the extreme remote ghettos of Guildford.. man we were so poor growing up my mum had to use an abacus to check if all the kids were in the car.. my first computer was a speak and spell which I was given for my 18th bday.. and it was second hand. (I'm still figuring it out tho.. shit's crazy complicated)

Just u wait tho.. I'll conquer the wonders of modern day science one day, but knowing my luck by then it'll prob be cooler just to use 2 turntables, a mixer and vinyls again.. and i'll be stood there scratching lasers across the room creating holograms outta my serato box version 2015..!!!!