Thursday, November 15, 2007

ATT: Mason Camo RE: Johnny!

I finally got to play it out last night, the reaction from the ppl that recognise it was crazy, but the kids don't really know it(funny this, my cousins in high school were showing me stuff that they listen to, cheesy euro trance/rave anthems, shit like alpha team "speed racer" e.t.c maybe its a qld thing? haha).

Don't worry i'ma cain the shit out of it.

Mason Camo - Johnny From Baltimore

Hocus Pocus - Here's Johnny (Original)

Sounded so good on the system as well.

Hopefully get to drop it on Saturday night as well, where peeps will def recognise it.

Thanks homie!

ps. get your patron on and finish that "The Bomb" rejig!!!! That will KILLLLLLL! Remember the 150bpm version you made? I found it on CD somewhere, I got's to up that ish! hahah


Blind Kid Seeks said...

Ahhhh Heeeere's Johnny... man that track pricks up hairs on the back of my neck... wait... its like an (E)pisode kicking in.

Blind Kid Seeks said...

Oh and you need Utah Saints on high rotation too rememeber Something good?

Mat said...

Dayummmm!!! Red Raccoon up in this mutha. The bomb fix is coming along, gonna give it some hoovers tho' on that ol' 1936 refix tip. Those were some days, running round munted like poster kids for anti-drug campaigns.