Monday, February 25, 2008

I love youse guys!

Wow what a weekend!

My boys & girls, surprise me with not 1 but 2 limos! The whole VAH/AMG/Hated/Cairns connection/Burn fruitbooters what what!!

Some Guitar Hero to get us in the "mood".

Going in "Style" to Favela Rock!

Everyone was tipped before we even left the limo.

My final Favela Rock and I get to support Cool Kids which is a big deal...

...but not as big a deal as 5mins before my set I spot not 1, but a heap of peeps rockin' my very own custom "Sing Along With See Dub" t-shirt, complete with "official" See Dub camera pose of "2 Thumbs Up"! Oh snap indeed!


Big big big shouts out got to James & Tim for the design, Mitsu for putting it all together and Toddy for getting them printed up!

Seriously I cannot thank you all enough for the Support of coming and seeing me play/party non-stop week in and week out for the last 2 years & to all the peeps that have booked me at their nights as well, I wouldn't be where I am without all of you and I appreciate it a ton!!

Shawty LO - That's Shawty LO! (direct) (zshare)

* thanks to alonso, muff, mitsu, ldnem, amg and shorty for the pics *


BIG SIME said...

your going to make me cry :~~~(
we love yousss to!

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