Sunday, February 10, 2008

Come Down Selecta

This mix was made as a Promo for a American Drum & Bass label that my friends were signed to, I won't go into details but this label didn't do them any favours, while their 12" is one of the highest sold singles from un-said label.

The mix features all original production by Mason Camo and was mixed live in August 2005.

Mason Camo spits out remixes and new tunes daily and you've probably heard a bunch of his tracks on the Dattebayo mixes.

Dude is on his Grind constantly.

I have some video footage I need to up of the "Hated Family" runnin shit at our DNB night we used to do in the CNS.

Everyone has a weak spot for DNB.

Get your Carhartt on!

CWD - Best of Mason Camo (8/05)

42min44sec, 58meg, 192kps


1.Mason Camo - Take Effect
2.Mason Camo - What now
3.Mason Camo - Drop a Gem remix
4.Mason Camo - Posted in the hood VIP
5.Mason Camo - All your bass are belong to us
6.Mason Camo - Kill a soundbwoy pt1
7.Mason Camo - Supersonic Guerilla Remix
8.Mason Camo - Never Ever Remix

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