Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Mmmm Meatie

When you work in the city, lunch can be a complicated affair, especially when you only have 30mins for lunch.

You need somewhere that will serve the food in a timely fashion, reasonably priced and within tram/walking distance of said time period.

I have a routine of either: Mexican, Japanese & Indian, when I don't bring my own food in(which is only 20% of the time).

We were in the mood for Burgers today and after some quick research into the matter we came accross Roozervelts (45 Collins Street 9654 3670) and for $6.80 you get a Burger with the Lot with a massive pattie.

So for value, taste and efficiency(the burgers were ready in less than 5mins) you can't go past it.

Shortydakid feat. Diamond & Princess of Crime Mob - Fire

* Dancin Meatwad!

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