Thursday, December 27, 2007

Everyone is talking bout "Rave Rap".

Talk to me back in 99 when Alice Deejay's hit went to number 1 & I would've been hating on it hard.

Fast forward to 2008 and Wiz Khalifa has finally been signed to a Major(Warner Brothers), filmed his first big budget video starring some 50 cast members and extras which shows Wiz and his crew traveling around the world in many interesting situtations.

This shit is undenialably catchy.

Wiz Khalifa - Say Yeah (ripped off Sinden's KissFM show).

Alice Deejay - Never Be Alone


FUEGO said...

i swear i'm too ahead of time for this rap shit.. wooooh

done been doing this haha

Anonymous said...


It's like mainstream america has finally got into ecstacy 10/15 years after the UK and is now embracing rave.. i think eminem and ja rule have something to do with the hip hop heads poppin the little party starters like it's 1990!

I now can kinda understand why various U.S rappers looked at me, screw faced, like "u still into THIS?' whilst I drove em around the u.k with DITC, Brand Nubian and Big L blaring out my speakers. i know exactly how confused they must've felt since hearing that rave rap track! (still can't get past the generic image of some gay muscle man with a bald head raving out to that alice deejay beat..) that whole uk rave scene has only just been forgotten, can't believe shits coming back to haunt me for another decade.. :(

djgoofywhitekid said...

Alice Deejay hit in the States roughly the same time it hit everywhere else, Gary. US Hip-Hop just likes to sample anything and everything it can.

The biggest difference is that there doesn't seem to be a huge market in the States for dance music as a whole. Seems like the minds are a little bit more open to dance and pop over there. We went through a good 5 year phase where hip-hop finally became as mainstream as rock and generic pop, and now it's cycling back toward the rock side again.

For the record, this is a SICK song. Probably not the start of a movement, but a genius flip of the original. If we're going to trace it back to the origin, Kanye's "Stronger" might have been the start of it (excluding mash-ups of course), but I did get a CDR of this track from Wiz in April so who knows...