Friday, December 21, 2007

Goodbye $crilla!

Yesterday was a sad day, we've had alot of "memorable" nights, moreso some "big" peeps than others, but its been a fun ride and we can always look back and reminisce, ahh the good ol' days haha.

This is the "Deck Pest" position, if your ever up at revs, look closely at the sub as i think there are permanant ass marks ala homer simpson! Actually that probably isn't true as he's too busy singing along ala "Sing Along With See Dub".

Sad Panda last $crilla

The ever elusive "Cluso"

The Doppelganger & Tongue monster.

Muff eating her shirt she's so upset

Then we turned out frowns upsidedown @ Pogo

Groupies #1

Groupies #2

You're a star, yes you!

Ze Crowd

In Action

Starfuckers (um i'm not quite sure bout mitsu's stance or split drink(s) on his tee... LOOSE!)

Thursday's won't be the same, but don't fret as you'll still be able to see Mafia every Friday from 9pm-12am @ Revs & Hans DC From 3am every Thursday!!

Take a walk down memory lane here:

Tone Loc & Peaches - Wild Thing Remix

Photos: Simmy, Kenzoo, Hanzoo

1 comment:

BIG SIME said...

owww soooo sad :~~~(
Soo many good nights where had!
HAHAHA that pic of me is tooo funny!