Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Super Short Series

Mistubishi have gone a different route this year with advertsing their new Lancer. Instead of the traditional route of advertising they have opted to incorporate storytelling in this campaign.

They keypoint here been that the directors (selected from previous Sony Aus Tropfest finalists) were given total creative freedom and were involved in the entire process. The only catch been that they must illustrate the keyword in relation to the car and feature Mitsubishis "3-Diamonds" badge somewhere in the 60 sec film.

They will be premiering the six videos over six weeks starting Oct 24, under the following keywords:

- Safer
- Greener
- Stronger
- Smarter
- Roomier
- Smoother

The 7th video is "yet to be directed" with the keyword being "Better" and you can actually enter via the website to direct the final in the series.

I'm surprised no one has youtube'd this yet as the first one "Safer" is amazing.

Peep it tropfest.ninemsn.com.au/supershortseries and www.lancersupershortseries.com.au

Kafani feat. UNK - Fast Like A Nascar (remix)

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