Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Melbourne gets a taste of Brooklyn's best party aka "The Rub" this Friday with DJ Ayres @ Third Class.

Dude has countless mix cd's, Vinyl/CD compilations under "The Rub" guise, is the "A" in T&A records(Tittsworth is playing at Revolver in 2 weeks!) and has DJ'd for Ghostface Killah among other people.

Shit is going to be bananas. OOh-ee and I are going to rock it out! Supporting before the man himself!


Grab Ayres Aussie Tour Mix here!!!

DJ Ayres - Feel My Wallaby (Australia Tour Mix)

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Mat said...

Yeah rub it in some more. No Ayres brisbane show and i miss titts coz i got an 8am exam the next day.