Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Bang Bang

The Bang Bang is a collective DJ’s, artists, Musicians and creative
people who are sick of the same old tired formats for life. We want to
party harder, experience life more vividly, and achieve more than
anyone ever!

We aim for a cultural revolution!!!!

And when that get’s boring, another, even better cultural revolution!!

AND THEN....well, you’ve got the picture by now.

Our banging arsed party is coming up, on Friday the 11th of June!

You should come, you’ll dance so hard your feet, and back will hurt
the next day, which, in our humble opinion, is the only reason to have
a party!

It’s at Bar512 on Kingsland rd which is conviniantly located between
Shorditch, and Dalston, just hop on one of those free bendy busses the
149, and we’re one stop away from WAH nails.

7oel (AIB, Bangers'n'Mash)

Dj's Motive (PartynBullshit)

CWD (Yo Momma)

J-den(Market Ting Sound system)

Poppy Lafond (the globe trotting socialite's debut set, arrive early
to catch her)

Nice'n'nSleazy (Party'n'Bullshit)

Come down, we have a FREE whistle give away, Ballon animals and Face
painting, and we're going to provide Harribos for all of the people
waiting in the (inevitable Que). We also close at 5am, we're ideal for
an after party.

It's £7 pounds on the door, BUT it's £5 on the concession list either
confirm on the FaceBook group below, or email

It's also free before 11!

Get in touch, cos we’re dying to touch you all back.


What- The Bang Bang Ball, electronic party music/hiphop/disco

Where-512 Kingsland Rd, Dalston, E8 4AE

When-Fri 11th of June from 10pm till 5am

Also, follow our progress on

Twitter : www.twitter.com/TheBangBangUK

FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Bang-Bang/124366224247825?ref=ts

Blog: http://thebangbanguk.blogspot.com/

The Bang Bang Collective.

Make sure you listen/download 7oel's mix!!!

DJ 7oel The Bang Bang Hype Up by TheBangBang

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