Monday, August 24, 2009

**Heads Up**

Sellby 12, Stables, Camden Market (Near Proud Galleries/Stables) 21/08/09.


Jo Strummer (Black) L - 6/10 (Print excellent, bottom hem tee stretched and bobbling) £20

Rammellzee "Chaser The Eraser" (Heather Grey) L - 5/10 (crackling print, bottom hem tee stretched in parts) £25

3D Script (Heather Grey) L - 5/10 (print ok, bottom hem tee stretched) £20

James Brown (Brown) XL - 4/10 (print ok, bottom hem/sleeves tee strecthed, lots of bobbling) £20
- Loads of Used Beanies in various colors from 2005-2008. £10 - £20.


FBT Black Elk US9 - £100 8/10 (Lots of creasing on toe area, sole has LOTS of life left) No Box.

Fang Hiker Boot Sand US9 - £100 10/10 (DS Sample?) No Box.

*Sorry no actual pics of items*

Gorilla Zoe feat. Gucci Mane & Jon Geezy - Brand New

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