Monday, September 14, 2009


Wow. Everyone needs to peep one of the best games of Skate. Ever.

Watch the vid first then scroll down to peep the trick rundown(which is mindblowing).

Couple of years back I saw Chris Cole throw a down BS 360 Kickflip over a massive gap at the Globe World Cup in Melbourne. The speed and cleaness of it all is something I can remember clear as day.

Chris Cole Dennis Busenitz
-Kickflip ----
-Fakie Flip ----
-Tre ----
-Heelflip ----
-Fakie BS Flip ----
-BS 360 ----
-Fakie Tre ----
-Nollie BS Heel ----
-BS Flip ----
-BS Heel ----
-Nollie BS Flip ----
-Switch FS Flip ----
-Switch FS Heel ----
---- Switch FS Bigspin Heel
FALL (Chris "S") Switch BS Bigspin
---- Switch Tre
---- Switch Flip
-Nollie Hardflip -----
FALL (Chris "SK") Hardflip
FALL (Chris "SKA") Nollie FS Flip
-Nollie BS 360 Heel FALL (Dennis "S")
- Full-Cab Flip FALL (Dennis "SK")
-Cab Big Flip -----
----- FS Flip
-FALL (Chris "SKAT") Switch FS Bigspin
----- Nollie Flip
(2nd try make) FS Bigspin
-BS 360 flip ------
-360 Shuv FALL (Dennis "SKA")
-Double Flip FALL (Dennis "SKAT")
-Inward Heel -----
-Variel Heel -----
-Nollie BS 360 Flip -----
-Half-Cab Heel (2nd try make)
-Fakie Bigger Flip (2nd try FALL, Dennis "SKATE")

Gucci Mane feat. OJ Da Juiceman and Shawty Redd - Do It, Do It

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