Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Frightfest LDN 08

Peeped this last weekend, only got to see 1 film unfortunately ("The Midnight Meat Train" it was ok), but the highlight was been in a room full of Horror fans who love the genre to bits.

Got introduced to the Douche Brothers (Adam Green(Hatchet/Spiral) and Joe Lynch(Wrong Turn 2) via there hilarious lil' shorts in front of each film. The one we caught started with both directors "scratching" the intro to "N.W.A. - Fuck The Police" and proceeding to rhyme all of Ice Cube's verse, yes the N Bomb was dropped! To rock up to a horror film fest and N.W.A. blasting out around you = best start to the night.

They then proceeded to shoot the shit about the Best Horror Movie on-screen death scenes. They mentioned Nightmare on Elm Street 3 (Dream Warriors) one of my favourite flicks growing up, Dead Alive(Braindead) shittith to the yeahith, The Mist (got Big Up's from Em), Mothers Day and Pet Cemetary.

I won't ruin the rest, but i'll be posting up here as soon as they get it online. I'm going to get a season pass next time to nerd out with the rest of them next time it comes around!

Peep this awesome short Adam Green does every year at Halloween. It's a pisser and the ending is GOLD!

Trash Yourself - Fuck The Police (cover)

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