Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Bang Bang VS Love Hate @EGG, Kings Cross 27/5/11

Facebook event: The Bang Bang VS Love Hate @EGG, Kings Cross

£7/£10 on Guestlist, £15 without.



Love Hate is the sexiest mashup of cultures to hit London, since Boy Gerge started making Jungle/dancheall/dubstep fusion music with an Irish folk flavour!!

We've taken some of the sickest elements of Shorditch electro cuture, mixed em with our own blend of banging black music, and plopped it all into the EGG superclub, where we have a 9am licence, a BANGING funktion 1 soundsystem, and one of the nicest venues in London.

LOVE HATE Vs THE BANG BANG : HipHop/Dubstep/Dancehall/RnB

MOTIVE (PartyNBullshit/BUMP)

We've handpicked the baddest DJ's from the best urban nights in London. SNIPS from Living Proof, MOTIVE and CWD are both the BUMP residents, and ofcourse, our own sick residents, 7OEL, and JDen.

So heres how it works, we have a massive 400 capacity room, in which we are playing Hiphop, Dubstep, Dancehall, RnB, and all the other usaula The Bang Bang goodness.

We close at 5AM, the club closes at 9AM. Madness

In the 3 other rooms, they'll have every thing from Electro, Dubstep to Drum and Bass.

We've mixed it up a lot for this, there is literally something for everyone in this, so explore the funnest, most diverse party in London, and we garuntee it will be an eye-opener!

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