Monday, January 28, 2008

10 Steps

"The Ten Steps" is a great short film that was screened before "Primer" at the 2005 MIFF.

This was one of the scariest films I had seen in a while and I thought idea was great and the execution flawless.

Only problem when I told all my friends about it, there was no information on it whatsoever.

Fastforward to the other day and Zachayse & myself talking bout horror films and he brought it up again and found the youtube.


Flatlinerz - U.S.A. (Under Satans Authority)

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CWD said...

Remember Horrorcore???

Flatlinerz - U.S.A. (Under Satans Authority)

1. Intro
2. Good Day To Die
3. Scary Us
4. Flatline
5. Sonic Boom
6. Brooklyn/Queens (Skit)
7. 7188. Run
9. Body N' A Blunt
10. Whydyadoit (Skit)
11. Takin' Em Underground
12. Graveyard Nightmare
13. One Armed Bandit (Skit)
14. Rivaz Of Red
15. Satanic Verses
16. War Zone
17. Beware...(Satanic Verses-Skit)
18. Live Evil